Registration for the 2022-2023 school year will be completed via the district’s new online portal. For your student’s registration to be processed, you must login to the site, enter the appropriate information, and complete or upload the required forms.

Residency Requirements
To prove residency before registering your children we ask of you to please upload the required district forms along with your most recent proofs of residency, to the best of your ability, listing the Madison address, including but not limited to:

  • Original Birth Certificate of all children being registered for school. 

  • Valid NJ Driver's License OR Valid NJ State ID OR another Valid ID if a NJ Valid cannot be obtained; Non-Government IDs are NOT accepted.

  • Deed OR Mortgage Statement OR Closing Statement-for homeowners

  • Lease with an expiration date AND a notarized Owner/Landlord affidavit for lessees (click here for Affidavit)

    • Lessees Please Note: If there is no lease and you rent on a month-to-month basis, we request a notarized letter from your landlord stating the agreement in addition to the Owner Landlord Affidavit mentioned above. 

    • Month-to-Month Lessees are asked to provide a rent receipt OR canceled rent check AND a current utility bill periodically throughout the school year. TENTATIVE DUE DATES: 8/15 AND 4/15. 

    • Yearly Lessees are asked to provide a new lease OR lease renewal AND current utility bill when the lease provided expires.

  • Two or three different bills with a current date (e.g., utility bills from different vendors, PSE&G bill, cell phone bill, water/electric bill, NJ vehicle registration, NJ voter registration, bank statements, credit card bills, etc.). PLEASE NOTE: The name on the bills provided must match the name on the valid ID provided. For example, if dad's name is on the proofs then dad must provide valid ID; if mom's name is on the proofs then mom must provide valid ID, etc.

  • District Forms: (Please fill out one of each for each child that you are registering)

  • Other special circumstances require different forms in addition to the above proofs. For more info visit the Residency Forms page.

Please contact Patti Cleary if you have any questions regarding proving residency by phone at 973-593-3101 x3102 or by

Note: Both Residency AND Registration forms need to be completed when a child enters the district--even if there are siblings already enrolled.