Madison Families,

Thank you for your flexibility and patience during today's security concern. We are grateful to the Madison Police Department, the Morris County Prosecutor's Office, and the Sheriff's Office for their proactive guidance to shift our schools to a shelter-in-place exercise. While it appears at this point that Madison Public Schools were not in danger, we always prefer to err on the side of caution. 

Parents should also know that a shelter-in-place exercise differs from a lockdown exercise. Unlike a lockdown, in which staff and students protect themselves from a potential threat within the school, shelter-in-place exercises safeguard against possible threats outside of school. The school day continues without interruption, except that students and staff avoid going outside. Shelter-in-place events occur when there may be police activity, a medical emergency, or even a wild animal on or near school grounds.  Accordingly, Madison students experienced minimal educational disruptions due to the shelter-in-place exercise today. 

I would also like to express compassion for our community members who may feel on edge in response to today's events. Ongoing news of school violence, including the recent tragedy in Nashville, can cause underlying stress that may suddenly feel acute during an unexpected safety concern. If you or your child are experiencing distress and need support, Madison Public Schools are here to help. Please don't hesitate to contact a trusted school administration member or your child's guidance counselor if you need assistance. 

Thank you again. Best wishes for a peaceful evening. 

Mark Schwarz, Superintendent 


Keep Madison Safe! -  If you see something, say something:

  • For emergencies and immediate threats, call 911

  • For all other health, safety, and welfare concerns, report anonymously using the “RSVP-3 Morris County, NJ” app

  • For child abuse, call 877-NJ ABUSE, or 1-877-652-2873

  • For bullying concerns, contact your child’s teacher, guidance counselor, or principal. 

Together we are Madison Strong.