Madison Families,

I was just informed by Chief Dachison of the MPD that Wednesday's luring incident proved to be a misunderstanding. The driver of the vehicle was positively identified as a family friend that was not recognized at the event due to the PPE that he was wearing and the fact that the student did not recognize his vehicle. 

While this incident appears to have been a false alarm, we commend the students, families and police officers involved for their proactive response to the incident. We would also like to take this opportunity to reinforce the importance of ensuring that all students are aware of the following walking safety reminders:

  1. Walk home in groups when possible
  2. Do not engage or talk to strangers or unknown individuals
  3. If approached or if you feel unsafe, seek safety and call 911 (students will not be penalized in the case of a false alarm; safety is the first priority)
  4. Report any suspicious activity to the police (call 911) and the school
  5. Parents should reinforce these procedures with students. 

Thank you for partnering with us to ensure the safety of our students.