The United States Education Department (USED) announced today that the Torey J. Sabatini School has been named a 2021 National Blue Ribbon school. On behalf of the Madison Board of Education and all Madison Public Schools, I would like to congratulate the faculty, staff, and students of TJS in earning this well-deserved and prestigious award. 

I would also like to emphasize that this award for TJS is also an important honor for all of Madison. Each school in our district is an interconnected part of the Madison Public Schools learning community. Within this unified system, our district professionals, especially those across our three elementary schools, coordinate as an ecosystem through which we collectively develop our curriculum, instructional resources, professional development for faculty, and standards of professionalism. Student populations and facility features may vary by location, but our instructional practices are aligned throughout. Therefore, each school’s accomplishments are a credit to each other. 

Accordingly, the Madison Public Schools and the Madison Board of Education would like to congratulate the Torey J. Sabatini School for achieving one of the highest recognitions that a school can receive. We would also like to congratulate the entire Madison Public Schools community for the fruits of our collective efforts being nationally recognized. We look forward to many more honors and recognitions to come for all of our schools as we continue our great work together. 


Mark Schwarz, Superintendent of Schools