Dodger families,

March is Women’s History Month and we are very proud to celebrate the many contributions of women throughout history and the current day. Before sharing our important updates this month, I would like to recognize the many female professionals and community members that support our district. Their strength, creativity, and leadership make our schools vibrant places where every child is empowered. On behalf of MPS, we thank you for all that you do. 

As the weather warms in this month of March, please be mindful of these important updates and suggestions:

Parents should discuss the MPS Mask-Optional Environment Norms and Expectations with their students before March 7. 

In accordance with our district announcement on February 9, 2022, the district has developed norms and expectations to support a smooth transition to a mask optional environment. Please note that since Feb 9, MPS has determined that masks will also be optional on school buses, per revised federal guidance. Parents are encouraged to discuss the following norms and expectations with their children before March 7, as students will be accountable for their conduct under these provisions. Our faculty and staff will also review these norms and expectations with students, as appropriate. 

  • Mask-Optional Environment Norms (all MPS community members):

    • Masks will no longer be required in schools or on school buses starting on March 7, 2022. Students and staff who wish to continue wearing a mask may continue to do so.

    • In some circumstances, mask-wearing may remain appropriate for certain individuals. For example, if a student experiences COVID-like symptoms and is waiting in a nurse's office, they will be expected to wear a mask out of respect for the safety of others.

    • Individuals should not be treated differently based on whether or not they are wearing a mask.

    • The decision to wear a mask or not wear a mask is a confidential matter. It is improper to ask someone (parent, student,or staff member) about their preferences regarding mask wearing, their beliefs about masks, or reasons why they are wearing a mask or not wearing a mask, at any time.

    • All community members have a responsibility to respect each others' privacy.

  • Expectations for School Personnel:

    • School personnel will reinforce our mask-optional norms with students to ensure a stigma-free environment.

    • School personnel will treat all students and adults the same regardless of their mask wearing status.

    • School personnel will not draw attention to whether or not a student or adult is wearing a mask.

    • School personnel will not group students differently based on wearing a mask or not wearing a mask.

  • Expectations for Parents:

    • Parents should reinforce and model our mask-optional norms with their children to ensure a stigma-free environment.

    • Parents should treat all students and adults the same regardless of their mask wearing status.

    • Parents should not draw attention to whether or not a student or adult is wearing a mask.

    • Faculty members will not be responsible for enforcing parent decisions regarding student mask wearing. Parents should direct masking concerns to the school principal.

  • Expectations for Students:

    • Students will uphold our mask-optional norms and expectations.

    • Students will treat all students and adults the same regardless of their mask wearing status.

    • Students will not draw attention to whether or not a student or adult is wearing a mask.

    • If a student has a concern related to mask wearing, they should speak to their guidance counselor or principal.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please also view the Superintendent Coffee video from February 10, 2022 where we discussed this transition in detail. 

Please join our facilities planning presentation at the March 14 Superintendent Coffee. 

These virtual public forums welcome parent engagement on a monthly basis, usually on the evening before the Board Meeting. Each session begins with a presentation from the district leadership team on a timely matter of importance, and is followed by a Q&A session for attendees. Our March coffee will focus primarily on the final reporting of our facilities assessment. After our presentation, we will introduce a new Thoughtexchange in which community members can contribute to the conversation. Please see our dedicated Facilities Planning webpage for background information. We will also welcome discussion regarding any other topics of community concern.

Thank you for your investment in these important district efforts. We hope to see you at the Superintendent Coffee or in our schools very soon. 

Upcoming Events:

  • Mar 14 - Superintendent Coffee - Facilities Planning Prioritization 

  • Mar 15 - BOE Meeting/Tentative Budget Adoption

  • Mar 21-25 - Schools Closed - Spring Break 

  • Apr 9 - MEF Pickleball Tournament 

  • Apr 14 - Schools Closed - Good Friday

  • Apr 25 - Superintendent Coffee

  • Apr 26 - BOE Meeting/Final Budget Adoption

  • May 1 - MEF 5k

  • May 10 - Special BOE Meeting for Personnel

  • May 23 - Superintendent Coffee

  • May 24 - BOE Meeting

  • May 30 - Schools Closed - Memorial Day

  • May 31 - Schools Closed - Staff Professional Development

  • June 14 - Last Day of School

  • June 20 - Superintendent Coffee

  • June 21 - BOE Meeting

  • July 18 - Superintendent Coffee

  • July 19 - BOE Meeting

  • Aug 22 - Superintendent Coffee

  • Aug 23 - BOE meeting

  • Aug 29 - First Day of School

  • Sept 5 - Schools Closed - Labor Day

  • Sept 19 - Superintendent Coffee

  • Sept 20 - BOE Meeting

  • Sept 26 - Schools Closed - Rosh Hashanah

  • Oct 5 - Schools Closed - Yom Kippur

  • Oct 17 - Schools Closed - Staff Professional Development

  • Oct 17 - Superintendent Coffee

  • Oct 18 - BOE Meeting

  • Nov 10-11 - Schools Closed - NJEA Convention

  • Nov 14 - Superintendent Coffee

  • Nov 15 - BOE Meeting

  • Nov 24-25 - Schools Closed - Thanksgiving 

  • Dec 12 - Superintendent Coffee

  • Dec 13 - BOE Meeting

  • Dec 26-Dec 30 - Schools Closed - Winter Break

  • Jan 3 - Board Reorganization Meeting