School Closing/Delayed Opening Information

Where to find information about closings or delayed openings:

In addition:

  • Receive a phone call of closings and delayed openings by keeping your contact information up to date in the Genesis Parent Portal. The Parent Portal is now synced with the districts mass notification system. Any changes you make to your contact information in the Parent Portal will be reflected in the mass notification system on the following day.

School Emergency Closings and Plans

The need for the schools to be prepared to take quick and appropriate action in the event of an unforeseen emergency is critical. The best way for us to ensure an effective response to such an emergency is to have a complete emergency response plan in place and to make sure that all school personnel is familiar with the plan.

The Madison Public Schools utilizes a comprehensive emergency management plan that outlines procedures for staff to follow in response to a wide variety of critical incidents. This plan was developed in full partnership with the Madison Police Department and the Morris County Office of Emergency Management. Since its initial approval, the plan has been updated annually to conform with guidelines disseminated by law enforcement bodies and the New Jersey Department of Education.

All staff members in the Madison Public Schools have received a copy of the Emergency Management Plan, and each building Principal conducts an annual staff review and training session on the plan. Staff members are also provided with an abridged emergency instructions document that they keep with them throughout any emergency. Additionally, each school partners with the Madison Police Department at least twice per year to conduct a mock “lockdown” drill that simulates an emergency condition in the building.

The uniform policy of the school district is to maintain locked, secured doors in all school buildings throughout the student day. All visitors are required to enter through a “buzz entry” system that is maintained in the school’s central office. All visitors are required to sign-in and out at the main office, and visitors must wear an identification badge throughout their visit. All employees of the school district are required to wear identification badges throughout the school day.

During any school, emergency students are instructed to stay with their class and teacher and follow the directions provided by the teacher. The building principal is the primary decision-maker for the school site in all critical incidents. Actions and communications are coordinated with the Madison Police Department and the Superintendent of Schools.

In the event that there is a necessary early closing of the school, parents will be notified of pick-up times and procedures via the school district’s automated dialing emergency phone network. Parents should not travel to the schools for an early pick-up of students unless they are so instructed by the principal through the automated dialing emergency phone network.

In the event that a school evacuation is deemed necessary, students will be moved to another predetermined school location. Parents will be notified via the school district’s automated dialing emergency phone network and e-mail alerts in the event that students are evacuated to another school located within the school district. The message will include information on student pick-up time, location and procedures.

It is our intent to make maximum use of the automated phone network and our parent mass notification system to convey information during any school emergency. We ask parents to not call the school during an emergency so that staff can concentrate on necessary safety procedures. The school district has designated the Madison Municipal Pool lot as a meeting place for family members to receive incident-related information in the unlikely event that an emergency necessitates an extended “lockdown” or closing of any school campus.

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of every student, and the Madison Schools will remain vigilant in preparing to deal effectively with any critical incident.