Terms and Conditions of the Device Agreement (2018-2019)

While there is no cost for the use of the Chromebook, it is imperative that each Chromebook be maintained and handled in a responsible way. As of the 2018-2019 school year, Chromebook Insurance is not required. However, this is subject to change in the future.

Students/Parents/Guardians WILL NOT BE CHARGED for damage or repairs deemed as "accidental" or "normal wear and tear".

Physical damage to the Chromebook, regardless of circumstances, is repaired by Dell ONCE per contractual year. The contractual year begins at the beginning of October, which means any devices physically damaged a 2nd time after October may not be repaired until the following school year. Students will be required to take out loaners for the duration until their Chromebooks is eligible for repair.

Students/Parents/Guardians WILL BE CHARGED for lost equipment and damage deemed as "intentional", "excessive", "neglectful", or "student misuse".

Students are also responsible for the care of any loaners they use. Damage to loaners is subject to the same rules as permanently assigned Chromebooks.

In case of theft, parents/guardians are required to file a formal police report with the Madison Police Department.